My journey to food came with a detour. But karma, fate or synchronicity eventually brought me to a place in 2010 at the age of 40 where I could make a career change to food and so fulfill my other great passion in life.

When it comes to food I am a dreamer, I like bold flavours, I adore the beauty and simplicity that reveal it self so many times on a plate through food. And above all I find the capability to create something new from what Mother Nature gives us inspiring and awesome.

Taste Café is where all of ideas, passions and loves come together to bring you a celebration of good food, bold flavours and stunning plates.

Celebration Feasts

I have always believed in abundance. Nourishment. And this is the foundation of the vision I cherish for the cuisine at Taste Café. I also believe in the originality of each of my clients, and therefore have done away with a pre-set menus, tailor-made dishes and implemented a Consultation System. In other words, talk to me, tell me what you want and I will design a menu, plates, cake or catering for your function which is individual and authentic you.

Eat more Cake

Heavenly cakes, cheesecake (sweet and savoury), delectable treats and baked freezer-to- oven delicacies are part of my repertoire.

Bent on quality, we strive for a good balance between flavourful, healthy eats and sinfully delicious treats.

Expect anything from a savoury Biltong Cheesecake to a Tart Tatin or a simple yet delicious Frittata.

Have an idea, please ask, but remember we at Taste Café like simplicity with the emphasis on flavour and beauty.

We Make Food

I know, everybody wants a caterer and there are many of those out there. However, we are different at Taste Café, we make food, “hartskos” beautifully presented. Our talented team endeavour to capture the essence of your feast bringing wonderment and enjoyment of the food moment to you.


Lovely to meet you – please feel free to contact me for any queries.

Au revoir



At Taste Café we would like to hear what you have to say, go on leave us a message!

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