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New Breakfast & Lunch Menu 2017

Trading Hours: Wednesday – Saturday: 08:00 – 14:00

Address: 217 Soutpansberg Road, Rietondale, Pretoria


(served from 08:30 – 11:00)
Corn Waffle & Biltong – R80
Cream Cheese | Mushrooms | Rocket

Spicy Mince & Polenta – R80
Soft Baked Egg | Basil Pesto | Cheese

Breakfast Roti – R70
Scrambled Eggs | Bacon | Grilled Aubergine

Breakfast Couscous Salad – R70 (v)
Soft Poached Egg | Feta | Asparagus
Add Bacon or Chorizo – R25

Plain Old House Brekkie – R65
Two Fried Eggs | 2 Rashers Bacon | Baked Beans in Tomato Relish | Cheese | Toasted Ciabatta

Two Mediterranean Scones – R65
Filled with Feta, Sundried Tomatoes & Basil Pesto | Cream Cheese | Olive Tapenade
Add 4 Salami Slices – R25

Chef’s Homemade Muesli – R65
Peanut Butter & Coconut Milk | Yogurt

Lunch Menu

(served from 11:30 – 14:00)

Curry of the Week – R95 | R120
Please ask your waiter which is available:
Vegetarian Curry – R95
Meat Based Curry – R120

Grilled Haloumi Stack – R95
Lentils | Grilled Veggies | Basil Oil | Olive Tapenade
Add Smoked Chicken: R20

Smoked Chicken Salad – R95
Couscous | Dried Fruit | Curry Dressing

Beef Carpaccio Salad – R125
Cos Salad | Apricots | Passion Fruit Mayo | Bruschetta

Pulled Pork Hamburger – R95
Potato Wedges | Cabbage Salad

Chili Satay Pork Belly – R150
Couscous | Veggies

Beef Ribeye – R150
Chimichurri | Lentils | Veggies

Smoked Snoek – R120
Fennel & Courgette | Lemon Dressing

Chocolate Brownie – R60

Passion Fruit & Chocolate Pot au Cremé – R60

Taste Café Indian Mess – R50




Welcome to my two Blogs, each representing the two great passions in my life: Food & Yoga. I started life out as a graphic designer and when I hit my 40's decide to study the culinary arts at Steyn's Culinary School in Pretoria. So as a chef I am a later bloomer. I sell gourmet street food, Paninis, Gourmet Bunny Chow, Bombay Frankies, Bobotie Meat Kebabs and Chai on markets in and around Pretoria. I also offer my services as a private chef or as a caterer. I am a part time yoga teacher with 17 years of doing yoga and 8 years of teaching yoga behind me. I teach Intergal Hatha Yoga and has small classes in Queenswood, Pretoria.

At Taste Café we would like to hear what you have to say, go on leave us a message!

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