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Caramelised Apricots & Pork Sausage Breakfast

Did you know that if you dream of apricots it is suppose to mean that good luck will soon follow?

Did you know that the word “apricot” means “precious” in Latin? Apricots ripen earlier than most summer fruits, making them a precious commodity every spring.

The apricot tree emerged in China more than 4,000 years ago and eventually made its way across Asia to the Mediterranean. Centuries later, Spanish explorers introduced the apricot to the New World and planted the trees all over the west coast. Today, farmers in California’s San Joaquin Valley produce 95% of the apricots grown in the United States.

Whether you prefer them fresh, broiled, grilled, or poached, enjoy an apricot today in honor of the occasion! Happy National Apricot Day and here is my celebration of this humble fruit that is so delightful. It is a breakfast and very quick and easy to make and assemble. We have recently served this as a course at a breakfast that we catered for.


What you’ll need:

  • 6 Duck Eggs
  • 6 Pork Sausages (I buy mine from Laasterus Pork on the Pretoria Boeremark – go for good quality)
  • 2-3 large Aubergines to be panfried
  • 6 Slices Toasted Rye Bread
  • 50g Dolce Latte Gorgonzola
  • 12-15 Apricots, halved and kernels removed
  • 40g Demerara Sugar
  • 20g Butter
  • 100ml Balsamic Vinegar (aged 5-10 years and good quality)

To make:

  1. Start with your sausages, fry them until done, set aside. Do not slice yet.
  2. Wash and peel the aubergines, slice them thinly and fry in a pan with olive oil, salt and pepper until soft.
  3. While the sausages and aubergines are in the pan, toast the rye bread.
  4. To caramelise the apricots, put the butter in the pan, allow to melt, then sprinkle sugar over in a think layer, place apricots open side down allow the heat to caramelise the sugars. Apricots must still be firm, not soft and too soggy. Remove from pan, add the balsamic vinegar and reduce by a third. Set aside.
  5. Poach your eggs.

You are ready to assemble:

  1. Place a slice of rye in the middle of the plate.
  2. Add a heap of the fried aubergines and a poached egg on top of that.
  3. Slice the sausages at an angle, arrange on the plate with the apricots.
  4. Drizzle with the balsamic reduction and sprinkle some dolce latte around the plate, some black pepper and salt on the egg and serve.


Welcome to my two Blogs, each representing the two great passions in my life: Food & Yoga. I started life out as a graphic designer and when I hit my 40's decide to study the culinary arts at Steyn's Culinary School in Pretoria. So as a chef I am a later bloomer. I sell gourmet street food, Paninis, Gourmet Bunny Chow, Bombay Frankies, Bobotie Meat Kebabs and Chai on markets in and around Pretoria. I also offer my services as a private chef or as a caterer. I am a part time yoga teacher with 17 years of doing yoga and 8 years of teaching yoga behind me. I teach Intergal Hatha Yoga and has small classes in Queenswood, Pretoria.

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