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Solving the Butter Dilemma

It is winter in South Africa and one of my biggest headaches is hard butter and I think it is so for most South Africans who love their butter on almost anything. Most South African homes are not built to withstand any winter freeze as we have a long summer and most people build their houses to be cool in summer and even colder in winter. This results in a hard butter no matter where you leave it in your house, come next morning it is as hard a brick. Try to spread it on toast and you’ll destroy that delicate looking piece of toast into oblivion, end up with half the toast spread over your shirt or worse in your lap and in the process you most probably knocked your tea or coffee over! At most you might have mashed toast with some butter and marmalade.

Anyway, here I was searching the web for some kind of solution to this age old dilemma of butter-loving mankind and the advise range from a few seconds in the microwave to leaving next to the stove to ensure a softer spread. In a moment of desperation I used Google Images and search for an image and low and behold found this amazing little gadget! Now first of all I have to unfortunately admit I am a bit of a gadget queen, I like a good kitchen gadget and when I saw this Japanese invention I decided that I must have one! Ok, so I am still searching for a supplier in SA!

But just look at this thing, the Easy Butter Former is the work of a genius, stick the hard butter in one side, turn and the other side produce the beautiful soft butter strands. So it is grated, much thinner and will reach room temperature in seconds and you can spread it with ease or if you love nutter that much just eat it as is! That is how the butter fairies do their work actually!



I love it and I want one! Yuppiechef? Anyone?