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How to fill a Piping Bag

taste blog piping bag

The new year is here and after a well deserved break, I thought I would start the new year by giving you my all time favourite top tip for 2013 – my easy-peasy way to fill a piping bag.

One of the many questions I always get from many frustrated foodies and people in general is how do you fill a piping bag when you are all alone in the kitchen. It can be such a mess if you feel you short about ten other hands to help with the job! My quite simple and easy answer and solution is to get yourself a nice cylindrical vase. One of about 25-30cm in height and about 9-10cm in diameter. Set the vase on the table, push the nozzle of the piping bag down the vase and fold the bag over the edge of the vase. This way you have one hand to hold the mixing bowl and the other hand to scrape the contents into your piping bag. Any mixture that may start to push through the nozzle is caught in the bottom of the vase and you can just wash it after you have completed the job. Once full, lift the sides up, bring them all together, give it a twist to avoid the contents pushing out again and start piping away. See my photo above. Happy piping and hope you have less piping headaches in future!



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